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Inventek Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

We provide integrated credit card processing that is fast and secure for all our products. Best of all, if processing cards with one of our partners, technical support will always be FREE of cost. You have enough to worry about. Let us help you by ensuring that your processing is convenient, fast, and safe!

In retail, customer experience is directly linked to a customer’s willingness to return to your store and with how much a customer will purchase from you. The speed of a transaction is a critical component, especially since it is the last experience that the customer will have before leaving the store. We have a credit card kit that can be added to any of our products, including our Point of Sale (POS) system, that will not only interface directly for a streamlined and seamless process but will also process credit cards in as fast as two seconds.

Our organization and Mercury Payments have established a partnership to provide you with a solution that is:

  • PCI/DSS Compliant (this means that the solution adheres to all security guideless so that you and your customers are safe)
  • Processes cards in as fast as two seconds
  • Eliminates errors in card processing
  • Provides next day funding
  • Accepts PIN Debit transactions
  • Does not require a phone line
  • Has quicker merchant account approval

Package Contents:

  • Magnetic Card Reader (Credit card swipe)
  • Mercury Software License
  • Merchant Account
  • Integration Kit for Inventek POS (if needed)
  • Technical Support
  • Training

Other Helpful Information about Credit Card Processing

According to recent research, credit card transactions make up more than 50% of the transactions tendered in retail stores. Therefore, credit card processing will be an important and vital part of your business. With so many options and fee systems, how do retailers know what will work best? Before signing up with any processor, understand that cheaper is not always better and that banks will obtain their fees one way or another. In addition, many hidden fees can surprise you. Although you have a choice to sign up with whatever processing company you wish, we strongly recommend that you choose one that integrated directly with Inventek Point of Sale. Here is why:

Our systems are fully integrated: By choosing one of our recommended processors, you can process transactions directly from our POS systems. This will increase the speed of a transaction. Transaction speed is vital to maintaining high customer service levels. Additionally, you will reduce the costs in paper supplies because there is no need for additional receipts that occur with non-integrated systems.

Support is streamlined: By choosing one of our systems, you can use our integrated technical support. By either calling us directly or calling the processor, you will always get someone who understands the process. There is no need to get a third party involved which greatly reduces the time it takes to solve problems. You will not be given the run-around and solutions will be provided directly.

Additional software is NOT required: For other processors to integrate WITHOUT the use of our processors, your bank will need to provide you with a software called PC Charge. This adds an additional element in the technical support process and adds more costs. With our processors, no additional software is required and you DO NOT have to pay for any other third-party software. In this scenario, if technical support is needed, you would need to get PC Charge, Inventek, and the processor involved. This unneeded and cumbersome process can add difficulty and frustration that can be avoided.

There are no additional technical support costs: Technical support for your payment processing is already included with your merchant account. Therefore, there is no need to pay for additional technical support. THIS IS NOT the case with PC Charge. By going with your own bank, you would still need to pay for PC Charge’s technical support services.

Our systems are turn-key: With our system, everything is ready to go! There is no need to call an additional company to set something up or purchase an additional piece of hardware or software. Everything is pre-configured and everything is tested to work in an integrated manner.

Keep in mind that saving a penny here and there can end up costing more in the end. There are a lot of hidden fees and processes associated with credit card processing and the cost of processing cards may not be as clear as it seems. The cheaper solution may end up being the most expensive one.

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