Inventek Labler


Did you know that improper labeling of products and non-barcoded items do not only increase errors and productivity issues but also lead to errors in inventory levels and stockouts? Furthermore, unclear labeling reduces the attractiveness of products to consumers reducing the probability of sale. This directly affects your profitability and your bottom line!

We have a product that can help you reduce or eliminate the probability of failure by helping you organize and label your products to increase visibility and sales. Furthermore, the product can help you manage products more efficiently and help maintain proper inventory levels.
We can do this by:
·         Creating a numbering (coding) system based on aspects such as vendor, category, or subcategory
·         Automatically connecting to your point of sale system
·         Printing barcodes for shelves or individual products
·         Automating the labeling process
The package includes:
·         Brother QL 700 Labeler
·         Inventek ™ Labeler Software
·         Technical Support and training
·         Quick Start Guide

Inventek Labeler Manual

Inventek_Labeler_Quickstart.pdf (477.56 kb)


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