Inventek Backup

Everyone has lost data at one point or another. In a business environment, the consequences for data loss can be catastrophic and can include lawsuits and legal issues depending on the critical nature of the data. At the very least, data loss can be a headache and can be difficult to recover from. Why not avoid this? Inventek Backup was created exactly for the purpose of avoiding data loss. The system can automatically backup infinite number of files or folders to whatever location or locations are desired.


NO ZIPPING OR COMPRESSING FILES! All you do is tell it what, where, and when to backup. It, then, copies bit by bit all of your information to the place you chose. You can back up once a day or even 10 times a day, it is up to you. Backup your POS database as well as all your important personal files.


The package includes all necessary hardware and software to run a backup! Click here to download a working demo and try before you buy!