Software Services

In order to better serve our customers, we provide a wide range of business services that include software customizations to our existing product line, custom programming services, web programming services, and report writing. These services may be added to any existing products and we also develop programs from scratch. Our service prices depend on the type of product being developed but can be as inexpensive as $50.00 for a custom report. Typically software services will range from about $50.00 per hour - $150.00 per hour, with high discounts being applied to volume of hours. For a quote, please call the software development department at 954-449-6093.

Inventory Services

With our vast experience in the retail and wholesale environments, we employ people who are experts in inventory management and control. To better serve our customers, we provide inventory services which include activities such as taking full inventory of your establishment!

For a quote, please contact our sales department at:  954-449-6093

Installation Services

We also provide customers with the ability to hire us directly for onsite installation of any of our software and/or hardware products. Once again, our prices are competitive and include all expenses. The cost for such services inside of Florida range from $500.00 - $800.00 and outside of Florida (continental USA) range from $900.00 - $1,100.00. For an exact quote, please contact our sales department at:  954-449-6093.