Point of Sale Systems

This product allows store owners to manage and control their retail establishment. Features include inventory management, employees, purchase orders, pos, sales management, timeclock, vendors, account receivables, and much more! Click here for more information. The product includes everything you need to run a retail store and option include full turn-key hardware + software system or just the software. You even have the option to select from pre-built packages or build your own system to fit your specific needs. Prices start as low as $579.99! Click Here for more information..

Mobile Solutions

As stores grow, so does their need for more efficient management of product. Therefore, we have developed the Inventek Pocket POS System which includes all hardware and software need to manage inventory wirelessly. This product allows user to take inventory, receive shipments, and create purchase orders wirelessly without tying up the Point of Sale System. Therefore, users can process information from anywhere without having to move the products around. Click here to read more about how this product can improve the efficiency of your store!

Inventek Multistore

With the growing popularity of stores, we have developed an easy and intuitive way to manage multiple stores from a web-based portal! Work from anywhere around the world. This product allows you to manage and analyze store data from a consolidated view as well as single store view. You can also transfer inventory and manage products, vendors, employees, reports, customers, and much more! This package can be tied with an unlimited amount of stores and can be linked to your website or web portal. Click Here for more information..

Labeling Systems

Sometimes products come with unreadable barcodes or no barcodes at all. In order to accomodate for situations where this can happen, we have developed Inventek Labeler, which can print customized barcodes that can range in size and in the amount of information included in the label. The system ties in directly to the Inventek Point of Sale system but can also tie into Microsoft Access Databases and other data sources. It also includes an internal database that can be used for storage of personal records! Click here for more information about the product.


Backup Systems

Have you ever lost precious data? Pretty much everyone knows what a hassle loss of important information can be. Avoid it by using Inventek Backup! This product can be programmed to automatically backup data to specified devices daily, hourly, or however else required. Click here for more information on protecting your valuable data assets...

This product has been updated to include an FTP option that allows you to backup vital data to remote servers via FTP. All is done automatically and effectively, allowing you to focus on your business while you data is protected!


Store Viewer

This product allows you to manage your retail store from a web-based software that is easy to use and directly integrated to your point of sale system. The system also allows you to control an online store or a website! When ready, you can even upgrade to the multistore system as all Inventek products work in an integrated fashion. Click here for details!



Inventek Dashboard allows you to analyze your database to see sales trends and current statistics. Click here for more details... This information can prove to be critical when making purchasing decisions. Additionally, the tool allows you to make adjustments to your store to ensure that you can stay on track with you business goals! The best part...THE PRODUCT IS FREE. This tool links with your POS system license. Click here and navigate to downloads to download your copy today!


Accessories and Other

In an effort to improve the quality of product, service and experience that you can provide your customers, we have developed the VIP frequent shopper and gift card program. This program will enable you to keep track of your best customers, as well as provide an excellent marketing opportunity to attract these customers to your store as opposed to your competition. Click here for more information!

Credit Card Processing
Refurbished Systems