Inventek Dashboard

Inventek Dashboard is a quick, easy, and efficient way for store owners to take a snapshot view of how their store is performing at any given time. This powerful tool can be used to make adjustments to ensure that your store is performing at optimal level at all times. The product works on top of the Inventek Point of Sale system and analyzes the data that has historically been compiled so that you can see the store's statistics from a different perspective. The dashboard instantly compares the current data with historical trends such as average daily, weekly, and monthly sales. Additionally the dashboard also allows you to see quick critical statistics such as average items per transactions, average discrepancy levels, average daily sales, and much more so that you can quickly adjust your focus when the store need attention. The use of this tool is a proactive step towards achieving and maintaining sales goals! The product is cost free and integrates instantly to any Inventek Point of Sale Software database.

Click here to download your copy now! Follow the link to Tools, and click on Inventek Dashboard.


Updates coming soon:

We strive to provide customers with the best software experience possible. As such, we are working on product modifications to include feature such as Paretto (ABC) analysis of inventory, inventory turnover rate, and other important statistical information. If you wish to request a feature, you can do so by calling us at  954-376-8919, or e-mailing