Inventory Management Solutions

Mobile Inventory Solutions

Inventek Pocket POS System is a wireless software and hardware system made up of a wireless Windows Mobile PDA running our Inventek Pocket POS Software that allows users to connect in a real-time fashion to their Inventek Point of Sale Database. This system can scan products anywhere in the store wireless and provide inventory and product information instantly. The product is great for inventory processing, receiving merchandise, creating purchase orders, and managing products as it will not tie up a computer and will update the Inventek Point of Sale System immediately. This product is strongly recommended for stores bigger than 2000 square feet as is will greatly facilitate procedures that require mobility and flexibility. Instead of taking the products to a register or a backoffice machine for product management, you can take the mobile device to your receiving section to quickly process you information!

Stop losing sales or messing up your inventory by delaying inventory processing! Process products the moment they arive by using this mobile product. Call us today for more information!

Software Features

You will have the ability to perform the following tasks wirelessly without being at your register, giving you flexibility and maneuverability to quickly manage your merchandise from any location in your store.

  • Maintain Real-Time Inventory
  • Manage & Identify Stock Levels
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Add/Edit Items
  • Optional Offline Batch Mode
  • Full Solution (hardware/software)